How is our Puresoft Eco, toilet paper friendlier to the planet? Find out in our FAQs!

  • Q; Where is the Puresoft Eco product made?
    A; Unlike other leading eco-brands, all the components of the production process are made in the UK at a factory near our Skipton based distribution centre. The product is usually collected and distributed using our own vehicles to help minimize the carbon footprint.

  • Q; How is the packaging material compostable and plastic-free? Where can it be disposed of?
    A; The packaging is a bio-material derived from potato starch and the home-compostability is independently certified by TUV and complies with EN13432. As it will break down at the same rate as both food-waste and garden waste, it can be disposed of in either of these, or on your home compost. (It should not be put with either plastic or general household waste.)

  • Q; Is the toilet tissue also recycled?
    A; Unlike other products available in the Puresoft range, our Puresoft eco is produced using 100% recycled tissue.




  • Q; What does quick dissolving tissue mean?
    A; Quick dissolving tissue relates to recycled tissue having shorter fibres verses virgin papers longer fibres. This means the tissue breaks up faster than a virgin tissue equivalent.
  • Q; Can you put the compostable packaging in a wormery?
    A; Unfortunately we do not yet have any information regarding this as it has not been tested. We will update when testing had been achieved.
  • Q; What does TUV mean?
    A; Click here for an explanation of what TUV means.
  • Q; What does plastic free mean?
    A; Click here for an explanation of what plastic free means.
  • Q; Can the outer packaging be recycled?
    A; Yes the outer packaging can be recycled at carrier bag recycling points. There are recycling carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, The Co-op and Waitrose

If you have any other questions regarding this product please contact us or call us on 01756 796300 and we will try our best to answer your query.

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